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Heavy Showers

Heavy showers

Weighty blankets

A brewing tea

Dark rooms

Pillow cuddles

A cliché romance

Hi everyone! We’re having heavy showers here this morning, and as I’m on the road on my way to school, I really wish I was under a blankie cuddling with my pillow, reading a novel 😢😩.

Some pictures to show you how it looks here ⤵️

See how dark the sky looks⤵️

How is your day where you are? Are you having clear skies? Light showers? Heavy ones? Lets talk weather 😺


22 thoughts on “Heavy Showers”

  1. I lovely autumn poem, we’re in the very last throws of warm sunning weather in Great Britain, we call them ‘Indian summer’ :/ but it won’t last long………..and I love the photos, I’m a real photo blog fan 🙂


    1. I’ve noticed. You’re a real photo lover, and that’s good. Cause you encourage me to share pictures and be comfortable with it 😀

      Warm sunning weather…I’m sure you like that. What’s the next season on the line? I’m hearing all about fall…

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      1. 🙂 This week we’re due wind rain and it’s gonna be cold so I fear summer’s over 😦 and winter’s coming! But that’s not so bad and incidentally Autumn is a lot of people’s favourite season in England, mine as well. Incidentally I’ve some more photos coming soon, the Fair came to Oxford!

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      1. Aye, ‘supposed’ to be. Go look up the average temperature in Scotland in ‘summer’ Ms I live in 24C, ppppfffft, puhlease! That’s a REAL heatwave over here. And you have the cheek to say you are cold!!

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    1. Oh that’s nice. We didn’t even experience sun this afternoon…and that’s new.

      The kinda weather that just makes you want to stay indoors and sleep.

      Good morning by 3pm? Lol that’s something 😅

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    2. I can’t comment on your blog as I use the app and not the browser, but I think your posts are lovely. I liked the way you styled the top that had added fabric. Very pretty.

      And you’re right about the ways to save money in Nigeria, where every thing is just plain expensive 😒

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      1. Sorry about that, you can reload the post to comment, the app misbehaves sometimes but thanks a lot for the love. Nigeria is actually so expensive and you need to save to survive. 💖


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