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Hi everyone, and welcome to a new post. In this post, I am going to be sharing with you gifts that you can get your best friend girl on her birthday. Receiving gifts is great, but giving them even better. The expression on the recipients face is most times so appreciative and you’re glad you got the gift for her. On the other hand, if you like received gifts, you have to give to others on their birthday. That way, you’ve conveniently guilt trapped them into having to get you something as well πŸ˜….

Every one of us has different personalities, and if we are talking about a best friend, well you must know her a whole lot, and that means you know what she likes, what she’s been wanting to get but somehow never getting around to it, you know it.

I am going to share with you five things you can give that best friend girl that would make her day memorable.

While considering all of these things I will list below, always consider your purse. While its good to get something nice, don’t do so much that would make your purse cry. Of course you can indulge her in something more than comfortable to take out of your account, but don’t do something you’ll be thinking months later that if you have saved it you would not be in a financial crisis.

Okay! Let’s begin!

1. A BAG

Bags are part of a females every day accessory. Right from the time the mothers begin to play dress up with their daughters, bags are always part of the deal. It could be hand bags, back packs, long hand bags, what ever kind of bag really. Also, be sure to know the kind she likes to carry. You wouldn’t want to get her something she wouldn’t ever wear would you? If she has a particular bag and keeps saying she wants it in, let’s say, wine color, you could get her that. It would show to her that you are actually listening to what she says, and that you are thoughtful.

If she is the kind that likes to try new things and gets excited about them, surprise her with something you don’t think she has had, and get it for her!

While getting this bag however, make sure you get something in your budget. She’s your best friend (or friend, if that’s what applies to you), and she should be happy about the fact that you got her something. If she’s gonna frown and complain because it isn’t what she likes, then you might just have to do a review of the people you keep as “best friends”.


If you have the friend that is really into beauty and make up products, get for her! You can get a range of different things. Facial masks, eye liners, high lighters, beauty brushes, face creams, body creams, hair shampoo, hair spray, lips sticks, nail varnishes, hair products, hair ties, hair dye, and any other thing you can think of really.

You don’t have to go to a crazy expensive store to get them. You can go to a store that prizes moderately for their products. She’ll be so excited seeing so many different things and excited to try them. Just get a purse, buy one of each of the things I’ve listed and more if there’s something else you’ll like to add, and put it in the purse, put the purse in a gift bag, and put a little card in it. I’ll tell you what, there’s big bet she’ll appreciate that one more than a fancy crazy expensive highlighter that she’s been raving about (i.e The Trophy Wife Highlighter from FENTY BEAUTY that EVERY YouTuber that does make up has done a review on) as much as she’ll like it, believe me, she’ll love the purse with the goodies inside better πŸ˜‰


Your best friend may not be the one that is all into make up. She likes to drown herself in novels, and she likes to write. You never understand how a person would love books so much, but you know her favorite authors because she raves about them so much. If you don’t know their names, go to her room and see her novel collections. Do some research. Ask casually a title of a book that you suspect she hasn’t read since you didn’t see the book in her collection. If she hasn’t, get it for her. Now, now, as I’m a book lover myself, I am going to warn you. Don’t go get her only the first in a series. She’ll want more. You have to get her ALL of it. If not, just help yourself and go for a stand alone novel. Don’t however make it one. You can get three novels (stand alone’s of course πŸ˜€), all from different authors she likes, put them in a fancy gift bag, and in a card, write a message on how much you appreciate her. You don’t have to do the Instagram or Whatsapp status thing. Even if you do, always make sure a personal message comes along with it. Send her the message personally. Call her.


What do you want to do on your Birthday if it’s not to have fun? On your girl’s birthday, you can treat her to a fun outing. You can take her to playgrounds, like the Disney lands, the zoo, and make sure she participates in all the crazy rides, and while at it, don’t forget to take pictures. You’re going out with her, and by extension, you’ll have fun, but today is really about her, so let it be about her. Take your selfie sticks, take videos, and take pictures. Really, they will never get old. She will look at it later, and a smile would be on her face.

Let her try the rides she’s most scared of, if she cries, let her still go through it. She’ll look back at the picture, and be glad she did it (Later on she’ll think it was all her bravery and take all the credit even when you know it’s your insistency, but let her take the credit, or roll my way and tease her senseless about it πŸ˜…).

It could be there, or to an art museum if she likes stuff like that, or whatever you think she’ll love. The point is for her to have fun.


Agreed, you are best friends, and you all burden yourselves with the good and not so good part of your lives, but today, seal the lips about you. The next day would come, and you’ll have all the time. Pull yourself together, and make sure you let her enjoy herself.

You may not be doing anything extravagant, and just sitting on your bed reminiscing times (let this be after the outings please), but just, just let her feel special. You might have written a so so long message on Instagram, but while you’re there with each other, tell her how much you appreciate her. Hold her hands, look into her eyes, and let her understand that despite the things that have happened with you two, the fights you’ve had, the flaws she never stops saying about herself, tell her you love her. If you’re not at the same place, call her. Spend hours on the phone, and LET HER KNOW. Don’t hide under the shadow of “I don’t know how to share my feelings”, or “I let my actions speak for me”. Whatever it is you say, her hearing it all, means so much more than you’ll imagine.


With these five things your girl best friend is bound to feel special, and loved, the way she’s supposed to feel.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed it, and have taken notes for your bestie’s upcoming birthday πŸ˜€

(P.S : It’s my birthday tomorrow πŸ˜“ (The 5th of October) )


-October 4th, 2017.


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