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Some things are private to share, but just as what’s wrong is only relative, so is what we consider “private”.

I’ve never been a hundred percent comfortable on WhatsApp. What I use WhatsApp for is to mostly chat.

The status thing, I do put a few things on there, but it’s pretty much what I use Twitter for, so I don’t put things on there a lot.

There’s also no personal image as display picture, and that really stemmed from a long way back. I guess I’ll reserve that for another post. If I write it.

On Instagram, I don’t necessarily post “moments”. So many “moments” have their spot in my phone gallery. Or laptop, because when moments are really moments to me? I don’t share them.

I guess I can say Twitter is still the most place I’m relatively free. I can put my thoughts out there. It’s really comes to use when I’m having mood swings and don’t want to talk to anyone cause I’ll have the tendency to confuse them, and who wants to start explaining nonsense? Not me.

I don’t share pictures there, but thought wise, I just do what I want.

The blog is still my safe haven. I’ve posted some moments on here. The actual “moments”, weird faces, yo they are a lot here. There’s the fact that it’s always going to be on that post so far I don’t remove it even for years to come, so it’s like a store.

I rarely go back to the things I write. Especially those ones where I’m at a not so good place and I write, and write, in a bid to write out all the negativity I feel. The Insecurities and the Fears.

In this post I’m sharing a drawing made by a friend to me, and I don’t want to loose it, cause I know anything can happen to my phone at any time, and since I don’t save my pictures on cloud, I wouldn’t want to loose this.

So here it is.

It’s beautiful I know 😜.

If you have any questions about my height I’m sure its answered now lol.

It’s 2:12A.M, falling asleep of late is seeming more difficult. Shutting off is quite a chore, and it took one to about two hours to fall asleep yesterday evening. The only time I fall asleep without a problem is if I’m so tired that once I hit the bed it’s sleep, but well…I guess it’s just the stress.

I hope you all are doing okay.

July 10th, 2018


5 thoughts on “Storehouse”

  1. I love this idea of moments — the important things, the things you want to remember and cherish, should always be personal to you. Sharing things with others is a great thing; sometimes, though, the best moments stay private, with you. X

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    1. It is, and with the way the world is really, sometimes you want to show the world the moments. Let them be happy with you, or not necessarily. Sometimes it’s just to share it.

      Liked by 1 person

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