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"Writing is the strip tease of the soul" – Anne Marie. My writings. My life.


This is a story in parts.  Read the first one here: LEXI'S STORY : HOW IT STARTED, for better understanding  Hi everyone, as this is a story of a girl with an addiction with pornography, there would definitely be scenes and words... Continue Reading →


She searched for the sweater, and as she felt her hand feel something soft, she held it tight in her grasp, and pulled it out.  Her heart pounding, she held the sweater, and crushed her face into it. She was... Continue Reading →


He entered the house, and walked sluggishly to the room, hoping Daniella was sleeping. She was tiresome these days, and always had something to say about everything. At first it was all annoying, but now, it was tiring. If he came... Continue Reading →

Lexi’s Story: HOW IT STARTED. 

​Grade 10, called in some other Nigerian schools as Senior Secondary One, was a time for a lot of firsts for me.  My dad got a very good job deal in another state, and we had to move. Moving a... Continue Reading →

Back. Again. 

Hi everyone, I hope you all have been doing good this while that I have not been around. I seem to have gotten the vibe back to write, and now I suspect that  my loosing the vibe might have been... Continue Reading →

She back? 

Hii Who has not been around for more than two weeks?  🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋😫😫 It's not something I'm happy about, and it's not something I had any control on either.  My phone was "supposedly"as I got to find out, "seized" by a... Continue Reading →

One sided

When you have someone Who's ready to pick you back up at every fall,  Don't go ignoring them,  Or not giving them a time of the day,  Just because you are now in a happy place,  And someone you happen... Continue Reading →

Taking The Plunge

​"Would you?" I swallowed, and looked back at him. "What?" He shook his head, and stood up.  "Why do you keep doing this to us?" He asked.  I didn't know why.  This had been going on For a year now, ... Continue Reading →


I watched the trees, and enjoyed the peaceful aura. This was my place, before Anna barged into my life. I smiled as I thought of the day she walked up to me, commented on my hair, and called me pretty,... Continue Reading →

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