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Incoherent Babbling mess I actually feel sane after. Or maybe I'm just settling into this again. Distance isn't good with me Cause when we get together again, If feels like its the start But it's better this time. I just... Continue Reading →

The Forgotten.

It's okay. It's okay to breath hard. It's okay for your stomach to tighten It's okay to experience the paranoia, That leads to the insecurity. You know you're a long way from how you started. You don't cower amongst people... Continue Reading →

#FrInspiration- Fireworks by Katy Perry

I've been experiencing quite a lot of emotions for different things. Conflicting emotions, and I struggle with what's right, what's wrong, what's the point of it all, and the point of me being here. I assume there's a point for... Continue Reading →

Falling Feelings as Time Passes

As we get older, We feel things more. Whatever emotion it is. Anger, Sadness, joy, Love. The longest I've been emotionally attached to a guy is about eh...two years, And by emotionally attached, I mean "emotionally attached". We were friends,... Continue Reading →

Interview with Victoria from Victoria’s Bubble Blog

Hi there readers, and welcome to a new post. In this post, I am interviewing Victoria from Victoria's Bubble Blog. In the first series of The Five C's to Success as a Blogger/YouTuber, I asked a question, of which she... Continue Reading →

Hostel Tales: First Night Selling

Disappointed Tired. Why do I feel my eyes burn. My back is also glad to be laying horizontally. Hi there guys, I started something. It's common knowledge that I'm in the University. And I might have mentioned it before, but... Continue Reading →

Robots Invasion What??!! (HELP!)

I don't get this. Am I getting spammed or what?? Please do tell if you've experienced any of this and let me know if I should be bothered. Thanks. Robots or what? Why the hell are they liking my comments... Continue Reading →

The Facts

So while I might have seemed majorly hyper in this post (I was 😅). I am in no way becoming a full time YouTuber, posting several times a week, or even once a week. I already got something I'm doing... Continue Reading →

Hung #WordPrompt

Short Story I twisted my hair as I watched myself in the mirror. "He has some nerve!" I heard Abby groan, and I chuckled to myself. "Okay babe yeah yeah he does but can we talk about something else? Like... Continue Reading →

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