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In my post yesterday, I put forth a picture, and quarried your imaginative brain to make a story out of the picture, and Sparsha answered this quarry. Without further ado, I present to you, Sparsha's interpretation of this picture you see below.  Holding his... Continue Reading →

Every Moment 

Do guys ever have the "break up" period?  She asked, sitting so close to me as we looked at pictures.  She noticed my silence, because she looked at me, paused, then subtly adjusted herself away from me. Every time with... Continue Reading →


I can't lie.  As much as I tried to be cool,  When your hands embraced mine,  I felt that shiver,  And everytime I walked in your front, Cause the road was narrow,  It was hot knowing you were looking. And... Continue Reading →


She settled with holding my hand,  And as she slowly disentangled it,  My heart broke,  With every distance,  She put between us, With its pieces, Going all over the place. Just as she had predicted,  It was happening.  I was... Continue Reading →

Thoughts for 22:00

I laid on the bed,  The usual for 22:00 And checked messages.  Then checked the contact list, And stopped at your name.  Willing you to message me.  Even if it was just once.  Hey, as lame as it is,  Would... Continue Reading →

You and I + Blog Party

Hello! Hello! Hello! To my dear wordpress family. This post is all about us. You. Me. Us.  First off, I want to wish us all a very very very wondrous Happy New Month! It's June second here and in a... Continue Reading →

Crush. Diary #2

​I was so happy this evening, and now I want to...I don't even know. Okay no I wasn't happy. I am not freaking happy. I am trying not to think of what happened this evening. No I'm not.  I hate... Continue Reading →

Last Messages. Diary #1

Was that really our last messages to each other?  Just yesterday you had a crush on me, And today I'm being broken up with.  I go back to it,  And I see your 'thank you', Still in the last place... Continue Reading →

 Catching up on Awards #5

As these awards are not one that would take so long, I've decided to make them into one.  The first I am going to be treating is....  THE ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD I was nominated for this 'lovely' (get it?... Continue Reading →

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