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+18 Hold her hands apart Push her over the billiard table Come-on. Let's do a Fifty Shades. Stand now. Don't complain. Those blue lace panties. Yes. Hook your hands in the bands. And shimmy. Yes baby. Shimmy. But don't wiggle... Continue Reading →


Hi there 😀 I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Roxy from Roxyinthemiddleofnowhere. You can check her blog out by clicking on the link below. RULES: 1. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you. Done. 2. Answer the eleven... Continue Reading →


Amanda changed her pose in response to Ayo's head tip, and wondered how he could look so unaffected. Her insides her breaking, twisting in tight knots. Standing hurt. Changing positions in response to his so professional, almost bored way he... Continue Reading →


Hi guys. I haven't done a wrap up post at all on the blog, but I decided to begin with them. It'll basically be to see how much progress I've made in achieving the resolutions I made for this year... Continue Reading →


****MANTRA**** Be true to the man your are In a world full of lies and deceit Be true to the process you are going through In a world full of uncertainties Be true to your flaws Because they are the... Continue Reading →


Shmurda played with her nails nervously as she looked at her Aunt Lena. "What's got your panties in a twist?" Shmurda looked up sharply at her. Her ways of using words still surprised her, even after all these time. "I... Continue Reading →


Tamara shifted in her seat mid conversation with Phil, and froze, alarm coloring her features. She looked at Phil who was currently chewing carefully, testing the food. It was their fourth date together, and so far, things had been going... Continue Reading →


Hi, and welcome to a new post 😀. In this post, I am going to be doing The Application Tag. You haven't heard about it? It's because this is the first time you'll be seeing this. You still didn’t get... Continue Reading →

No Lies Told

Stay close. Let your body touch mine. That's my survival I place my hands on your waist, And run my hands slowly down your sides I hug you to myself. I place a kiss on your back, And I... Continue Reading →

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