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And that feeling comes again.  It happens so much now, I should note the trend  But there isn't.  Not really.  I watch her Me. I see her questioning herself. Asking questions she does not have answers to,  Nor do I. ... Continue Reading →

Dear Father.

Dear Father.  You left,  Broke our home. In pursuit of your happiness you said.  Yet you didn't consider that of the woman That you said you loved For good eleven years.  Still boils down to what you want does it... Continue Reading →


I was sitting, Looking around,  And wandering what I was doing here.  When suddenly,  I saw a glass.  It was like a barrier, And immediately,  I slided back,  As if pushed with a force. I gripped the handle of the... Continue Reading →

Hide me from myself 

He says hello  I feel the impact down there.  Is this love?  He gets close,  And fold me in his arms. Is this peace? And then I have to be in his arms again  And as he presses his chin... Continue Reading →

Don’t Belittle Her. 

​ I saw the way she hid her eyes,  Trying to conceal the tears.  He was doing it again.  Belittling her.  Frankly,  It was God that made the Marriage as peaceful.  It was my mums loving heart.  It was the... Continue Reading →

What Is This Life?. Death? 

I heard of her death, and it was a big shock. She was my senior in school. I didn't know her personally, but I felt that blow to my guts.  My heart rate increased as I tried to understand what... Continue Reading →


She wanted  to ask me something. I could see it in her face. She hesitated almost like she thought I would say no. She smiled, looking in my eyes on that special day she said, "I brought something for you... Continue Reading →

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice. (Hair Edition) 

Hi there....  As you can see from the post title, this post is going to be about hair! You know what's even better? It's about "my" hair! How awesome is that? 😅 Some of you know, I'm on "natural" hair,... Continue Reading →

Intentional? I’m not sure. 

I know she's not doing it intentionally.  As much as it infuriates me to a great extent,  I want to remember that she doesn't know this.  She wouldn't even understand if I told her she was doing it.  She'll try... Continue Reading →

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